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Continental Star 2 v 5 Coleshill Town

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 1:26 pm
by Alan Beckett
Saturday 22nd October 2005
Midland Combination Premier Division
Continental Star 2 v 5 Coleshill Town
Scorers: Kevin Wagstaff 2, Linzell Taylor, James Dance, Mitchell Thompson.

Deja vu, Ground Hog day, same again! Say it which ever way you want but this game was just a repeat of last week against Massey Ferguson and I could cut and paste that match report changing only the goalscorers.

Four goals up at half time and coasting, foot off the pedal, pulled back to 4-2. Harsh penalty awarded but saved by Miles Millington-Day and a late goal to finally make the points safe.

No Michael Campbell so Kevin Wagstaff stepped up to score twice, James Dance and a first for Linzell Taylor in a one sided first 45 minutes. Star worked hard to get back into the game but Mitchell Thompson popped up in the last minute to score Coleshill's fifth. A much tougher game awaits in form Town Tuesday night with a visit to top of the league and undefeated Atherstone.

Team;- Miles Millington-Day, Chris Gee, Alan Wright, Simon Bradbury, Des Wilkes, Dan Greaves, Rob Ellis, Kevin Wagstaff, David Brush, Linzell Taylor, James Dance. Subs Donavan Rowe, Mitchell Thompson, Myrone Levy, Shaun Kidson.