Coleshill Town 3 v 2 Bedworth United

Youth Team Match Reports 2004-2006

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Coleshill Town 3 v 2 Bedworth United

Postby mikesan » Fri Oct 08, 2004 11:21 am

The game kicked off on time at a brisk pace, both teams attacking with a decisive air of confidence and skill. Coleshill?s strength of character and determination was endorsed after 15 minutes from kick off by Joe Clarke who received & controlled the ball well in the Bedworth penalty area, unselfishly passed it back to Justin Best who calmly slotted the ball into the top right-hand corner with the precision of a true striker. (1-0).
Bedworth replied with a series of attacks but failed to penetrate Coleshill?s defiant defence. Each Bedworth attack turned into a chase back to the away teams half to strengthen their defence, as Coleshill?s midfield and forwards attacked with courage and conviction.
Determined to equalise Bedworth resorted to shooting from distance. One shot from 25yds out gave us reason to gasp, but an acrobatic dive from keeper Adam Sanders diverted the sure goal out for a corner.
That warning shot set the alarm bells ringing for Coleshill, whose desire to win gave the team good reason to step up a gear. About 5 minutes from half time Liam Daley too fired from distance narrowly missing the post, Joe Clarke tested Bedworth?s keeper with a precision shot on target that rebounded from the goalpost like a ricocheting bullet.
Bedworth nearly equalised when one of their forwards lobbed keeper (Adam) and 3 Coleshill defenders but Lewis Drinkwater was on the line to clear the ball away to safety in midfield. The Referee?s blast on his whistle for the close of extra time and an exciting 1st. half was a welcome sound.

The Coleshill attacks continued with volleys from far and near, Bedworth?s keeper had to stay alert and seriously consider how often to blink. We were sure a goal was forthcoming.
Just 14 minutes into the 2nd.half, we did see that goal, but to our surprise, from Bedworth it came. A shot from the corner of the area, which screwed into the ground spun wildly up into the top corner of our net. A goal we?ll find hard to forget! (1-1)

Hot under the collar for a moment we felt, but right from our kick off on a charge we did belt! Coleshill?s brave charge of the light green brigade, gave striker Justin Best a chance to score without aid, his 25yd. screamer nearly pierced through the net. (2-1).
In the 77th.minute, keeper Adam Sanders and Lewis Drinkwater gave us all cause for concern as they both lay flat out and motionless for several minutes following a collision with a Bedworth United forward?s attack on goal. Our dynamic duo rose from their asses following their nap of the day feeling shaken but not stirred and still full of soul!

Bedworth now feeling sore from Coleshill?s onslaught showed that they too had pride and were no fools at this sport. So they upped a gear also, the pace was so fast and they were lucky to get a penalty from a ball to hand blast. The spot kick was taken at a speed that deceived keeper (Adam Sanders) for which way to dive for the ball, so in the 90th.minute the score was two all (2-2). Our brave hearts attacked determined not to give in,fired a shot across the bows of the overcrowded penalty box, in the 95th minute being determined to win, paid dividends for Coleshill as a Bedworth defender blasted the ball deep into his own net,which we felt was no sin. :lol:
Final Score Coleshill Town 3 Bedworth United 2.

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