Hinckley United (1) v (1) Coleshill Town

Youth Team Match Reports 2004-2006

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Hinckley United (1) v (1) Coleshill Town

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Hinckley United v Coleshill Town13/10/04
The long journey was lengthened by being redirected away from the match venue to Hinckley United?s old ground thanks to a helpful local pensioner, putting us way behind schedule. We eventually arrived at the ground late enough to smell the burgers were burning nicely, but not early enough for the team to warm up before the 1947hrs. Kick off.
1st. Half
The order of the day was keep the ball on the ground, pass to feet, not so much a tactical request but more a way of keeping an eye on it, for there was a heavy low fog across the whole pitch. To the naked eye of any spectator, both teams were running around like headless chickens as the fog was so low and dense. We supporters new that we would eventually catch sight of the ball, as the pitch was about eight foot higher on the far side to the nearside, allowing it to roll down into view occasionally. We knew our Manager (Ray Clamp) was in full control on the opposite side of the pitch, because we could hear his dulcet tones piercing instructions through the thickening fog, Cheers of ?Come on Coleshill where ever you are!? :? could be heard encouraging the lads on, in these worsening conditions.
Our team played well, attacking every time they could find the ball, Hinckley found our possession extremely threatening, and our attacks were quite daunting, if only we knew where the goals were!
37 minutes into the game, one of our team blasted a shot from afar, just wide of the target it went, the fog made it impossible to see who, but his shot was not tame, and it must have been guided by radar.
2 minutes later we were awarded a penalty. On this dark misty night, Liam Daley stooped down beneath the foggy cloud (to get the goal mouth in sight) and blasted the ball past the bemused Hinckley Keeper, he did look so proud, as he ran back to into the fog, (and celebrated with the rest of the headless chickens).
Hinckley feeling quite bruised, decided on an all out aerial attack, volleying high at our goal hoping that keeper (Adam Sanders) would be blinded by the fog, but not so was the case, (for he must have played it by ear), as the ball came down straight into his hands at one hell of a pace, where he held it till his fingers stopped stinging. Our defence were also on red alert, as John Haycock too was soon to prove, when he cleared another shot from the air, that Hinckley thought was a dead cert.
The Referee too had his Waterloo, struggling to see which way to play, missing signals galore from the linesman. The lino brought two planes down before the resolute Ref. acknowledged his faint plea for offside, having missed the linesman?s appeal; he gave Hinckley a corner, and a whisper of hope which went wide.
At 2034 hrs; the half time whistle was blown giving both teams time to regroup, clear their heads of the moss, stiffen up the sinews, summon up the blood, and charge to the dressing room for a chat with the boss?

2nd. Half
2048hrs; Coleshill attacked from the kick off, had a free kick into the box, which gave our sure footed Joe Clarke, a shot that pumped blood from our hearts to our socks. Attacks from Coleshill continued, shots deflected and saved by Hinckley?s keeper from Liam Dailey and Justin Best who showed the Leicestershire light foots that we were by no means short sighted and as Coleshill Town were extremely united.

Hinckley fought back in strength took a shot from good length and in the 56th. minute, scored a fine goal through the ever present thick mist.
With the score at (1-1) the battle was on, though there was an evident air of despondency creeping through the team. :cry: The Ref. tried to help the lads find the ball in the thick fog by swapping it for a yellow one, a gesture that would have been more welcome at the start of the match.
A near miss from a corner and a valiant attack from Luke Deakin raised our hopes of retribution. Numerous attacks from Hinckley were also strong and hard to contend with, but were well stopped by keeper (Adam Sanders) and his A-Team defenders.
4 minutes from time John Haycock received a nasty injury to his leg, requiring him to be carried off the field, in a great deal of pain. There seemed little time left to get back into the game, before the full time whistle was blown at 2136hrs.
Full Time Score; (1-1)
Well Played Lads!
It should have been another three pointer for you!

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