Coleshill Town (0) v (0) Gornal Athletic

Youth Team Match Reports 2004-2006

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Coleshill Town (0) v (0) Gornal Athletic

Postby mikesan » Mon Nov 01, 2004 11:50 pm

Coleshill Town F.C. v Gornal Athletic

The weather forecast was for strong winds and driving rain, a prediction TV?s weather presenter (Michael Fish) would have been proud of, for its accuracy.
Our eager for action Youth Team All Stars, put in a Premier Division performance warm up, despite the adverse weather conditions, showing their metal had not tarnished since Monday nights intense training session given to them by Assistant Coach (Dave Crowe). As you looked across this stadium of might, beneath the glistening umbrella of light, cast down from Coleshill?s powerful floodlights, you could see the sheets of rain teeming down and the team reigning over the well washed ground. The lads bravely psyched themselves up to play in an exciting 90 minute monsoon style wind swept match. But looking further across the pitch, the scene was completely bare, it was plain to see that there was no-one there! Where?s the opposition, came to mind of all around, were they warming up in the dressing room, or couldn?t they find the ground? A convoy of vehicles came through the gate, which answered our question, they just arrived late.
The officials too had more time to prepare, so they jogged round the pitch giving good reason to stare, for one of the linesmen was not just a runner, he was a she, and a head turning stunner!
First Half :-
The late kick off, at 19.51hrs. was understandable, following Gornal Athletics? delayed arrival. Coleshill wasted no time in attacking and getting into the game, and so too could be said for Gornal, as they also were keen to battle the same. They had an in swinging corner (aided by the strong wind) which was heading for the top corner but keeper (Adam Sanders) punched it out of danger where upon our valiant defence dribbled and passed the ball forward through to our midfield maestros who reproduced the magical moves and skills they had rehearsed at Monday nights training session. Gavin McIntosh made a good run through but his shot was halted by the also strong defence of Gornal Athletic. Dan Miley had a long range free kick which the keeper spilled and Justin Best followed up but the ball was scrambled wide, leaving their keeper still down and holding his side. The Half Time whistle was blown at 2038 hrs. ending a very blustery 47 minutes play. (score:- 0 -0)

Second Half:- 20.52hrs K.O.

The second half began with both teams battling for possession with determined endeavour giving no room for mistakes as any loose ball was quickly blasted forward one way then the other. Tom Bamber gave a good account of his presence and purpose for being part of this exciting game, showing Gornal that Coleshill Town was very athletic. There were no clear chances for either team, but you couldn?t help feeling that we would soon score. A promising charge for goal by Luke Deakin gave us hope that the first goal would be ours, but his shot was deflected. Then 28 minutes into the second half John Haycock was deemed to have been too harsh in a tackle and was given a yellow card, he may well have been distracted by the presence of the lineswoman who flagged with such definition close by him. Her presence must have been acknowledged by both teams because they all appeared to be on their best behaviour, there was a definite absence of descriptive comments in their vocabulary. 21.23hrs.Stuart Lee came on whose efforts were threatening but he too was unable to break through to score that long awaited goal. The end to end action was halted by the referee blowing for full time at 21.39. Final Score (0 - 0)

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