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THIS WEEK 2012/13 No1

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THIS WEEK 2012/13

Today we start a new series, a look back as to how the “Town” did 25, 50 and 100 years ago that week. The article will be in every home programme but along side that every week of those seasons will be covered here on this web site! Don’t forget this web site is independent of the club and views/reports are the work of the moderator and not of anyone connected with the club.

The information has been gathered over many years with most of the information coming from the Coleshill Chronicle, Sunday Mercury, Sports Argus, Birmingham Evening Mail and the Coleshill (Tamworth) Herald. Permission has been granted to use the information from these sources but cannot be reproduced without consent.

THIS WEEK 2012/13 No1

25 Years ago, 1987/88

With 2012/13 starting early no games were played this week. Coleshill’s first game is on 15th August 1987 away to the old enemy Highgate United, details of this game will be in next weeks programme. Coleshill were in the Midland Combination Premier Division this season, and had been since 1975. The Colemen were looking for improvement on the previous season where they finished a disappointing 18th from 20. Keith Shrimpton was the manager, Harry “H” Davies the chairman with his wife Sheila the secretary. Coleshill played in their traditional Green and White. There were few mid-week matches as the club didn’t have floodlights, which was the norm in the Mid Com in those days.

A major shake-up at Coleshill Town Football Club is one of the key elements in Manager Keith Shrimpton's plans to take the team to the top of the league this season. Shrimpton has spent the summer putting together a new line-up of both players and 'back room boys' made up of men culled from other teams in the area. Coleshill finished third from bottom last season in the Premier Division of the Midland Combination League, and now Keith Shrimpton is laying his reputation on the line by going all-out for success in 87/88. "I'm not interested in half way" he said in Coleshill's clubhouse last month. "We're aiming for the top and that's where we're going!" Together with his new Assistant Manager, Frank Hughes, Shrimpton is concentrating on building a strong mid-field using new boys Stevie Whipps, Tony Hurst, Mark Lynk, David Harris and Ian Woodroffe. Tactics will be basically simple and dirsct, the management team claim, but each player will be expected to pull his weight and follow every instruction to the letter. "As far as we are concerned," said Keith Shrimpton, "We've set our stall out, and anyone who doesn't like it can get out!" Shrimpton admits that this approach is authoritarian, but sticks by his guns. "It's the only way," he said, "and I think everone sees that. We've been training since the start of July and already I'm more confident than I was at the start of last season." The new 'Shrimpton Formula' was to be put to the test last weekend at a charity match against Sutton Town FC but the real test comes on August 15th when Coleshill's season opener is an away match against Highgate. Following that, Coleshill have been lucky enough to draw a series of home games, so are hoping for plenty of local support at their Packington Lane ground. Indeed, spectators should be in for a thrilling season if the management's plan for fast, direct football is put into practice and the club delivers the goods that Keith Shrimpton and Frank Hughes hope wil turn the tide in Coleshill's favour. To give financial support to Coleshill Town's new line-up over the gruelling months ahead the Club is starting a lottery, with the intention of increasing the prize money from month to month. Initially, tickets are available through the club only, but Martin Amis, the lottery organiser, hopes to make them available via outlets throughout the town, once a local authority licence has been granted. Costing 50p each, the tickets will go towards a monthly draw, and it is hoped that cash prizes will be supplemented by gifts donated by local businesses eager to help the town's own football club. Pertemps Jobshops have continued to sponsor the club's kit, which they donated last year, and have been joined this season by KCH Brick Construction of Shirley, who have sponsored the club to the tune of £250. The Coleshill and Water Orton Gazette will be following the fortunes of the club very closely, regularly publishing match reports and fixtures. Why not join us in wishing Keith Shrimpton and his team all the best for the coming season by visiting the Packington Lane ground at 6.15 on Tuesday 18th August when Coleshill will be playing their first home game against Knowle? See you there!
Midland Combination Premier Division Fixtures August/September 1987
August 15th Highgate v CTFC, 18th CTFC v Knowle, 22nd CTFC v Wilmcote, 29th CTFC v Wythall (Challenge Cup).
September 1st CTFC v Polesworth, 15th CTFC v Leamington, 12th CTFC v Solihull, 19th Bolehall v CTFC, 26th CTFC v Highgate.
Weekday matches kick-off at 6.15 pm, Saturday matches at 3pm. Home games are played at the Club's ground in Packington Lane, Coleshill.

50 Years Ago 1962/63

Again the season didn’t start this early. Coleshill’s first game this season was on the 18th August at home to Sherwood Rangers, so we will take a look at that in two weeks time. Coleshill were in the Birmingham Youth & Old Boys League Mercian Division and had been for the previous seven years. They were on the back of a very successful season when in 1961/62 they won the Aston Villa Shield and were beaten finalists in the league Senior Cup, although they only finished 6th in the league. Their greatest rivals in those days were Coleshill Hall Hospital who were league champions the previous year. The two clubs had some epic battles no more so than in the Coleshill Charity Cup. The two clubs finally merged in 1966 which eventually led to Coleshill Town joining the Worcestershire Combination, now Midland Combination.

100 Years Ago 1912/13

Coleshill didn’t start their season until 7th September, away to Atherstone, so it will be a few weeks before we go into detail with results. Town were in the Trent Valley League for this one season. They had been in the Birmingham Youth & Old Boys League for six seasons but decided to give the Tamworth based league a try. War broke out in 1914 and when football re-started for the 1919/20 season Coleshill joined the Sutton & District League.

Depending on the year, it is sometimes very difficult to pick up good information! If you are able to help with facts and figures or even photographs please contact the web site. Many Thanks.

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