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An Interview With............Paul Billing!

Postby Alan Beckett » Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:59 pm

An Interview With............... Chairman Paul Billing!

C.T.F.C.: Give us a brief history of your footballing past, playing managing etc.
P.B.: I always loved playing and being involved with football. At school I played for Kingshurst comp with Gary Shaw, Steven Pollack and Malcolm Messant all excellent footballers. The first two went on to be professionals. I then went on to play for Hurley Daw Mill in the Mid Comb and reserves in the Mercian league. I also played for Delta in the works league (very tough) played Sundays for Kingshurst Labour Club where I got involved with the committee. I had a bad cruciate ligament injury which I never fully recovered from so I became manager. This gave me the experience that would prove very valuable later.
C.T.F.C: How did you get involved with Dostill?
P.B.: My son started playing when he was seven and I eventually took over his team when he was eleven.
C.T.F.C.: How did you get to be Chairman?
P.B.: Being involved with the Colts and being an active member of the committee I was asked to become vice chairman by the then chairman Mick Barron. He later became ill so he stood down so obviously the vice has to step up and I have been re elected ever since.
C.T.F.C.: How did it go from sharing with Coleshill to taking over as Chairman here?
P.B.: Dosthill were ground sharing at Bolehall and things were going from strength to strength. When Bolehall decided they didn’t want tenants anymore we looked at many options before deciding to take over the running of Pack Meadow with Coleshill as tenants.
C.T.F.C.: How did you come to the decision to give Paul the manager’s job?
P.B.: After Carl Adams left we were in a particular pickle (Carl knew all the players and the running of Coleshill perhaps more than anyone) so I decided to keep as many things the same as possible and appointed Jason Lanns. This was a massive mistake simply because it was his first job. We came to the decision together that it wasn’t working, by this time I had already spoke to Andy Reece who had touted for the job. I made a massive mistake because I didn’t see it lasting such a short time. In the mean time Paul Casey had took over the youth team and had brought a great level of professionalism so when I interviewed to replace Andy Reece no one came close to Paul Casey (in my opinion)
C.T.F.C.: How do you think Paul has done so far?
P.B.: I think he is doing a fantastic job, he is still learning but I have to say I love working with him.
C.T.F.C.: What plans do you have in the future, playing and facilities?
P.B.: We have great plans for the facilities but I won’t talk about that till we own the ground out right.
C.T.F.C.: Where do you see Coleshill in 10 years?
P.B.: Southern League Prem!
C.T.F.C.: If you had one wish, what would it be (for the club!)?
P.B.: Great facilities and good football. I have learned to love Coleshill Town as much as Dosthill Colts and I am very proud of Coleshill’s history.

Thanks Paul. Next programme we interview Paul Casey.

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