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An Interview With..........Paul Casey!

Postby Alan Beckett » Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:30 pm

An Interview With............. Manager Paul Casey.

C.T.F.C.: Where did you play your football before joining Coleshill Town?
P.C.: I joined Coleshill in 1992 after a successful period at Stratford Town who had signed me from Sutton Coldfield Reserve Team at 20 years of age .I went to Sutton Coldfield Town from Kidderminster Harriers where I played in the Youth team .
C.T.F.C.: Why did you join Coleshill?
P.C.: Snowy Cogan knew me as a young lad and had found out I had left Stratford after they sacked Ronnie Mason, and asked me to come to Coleshill.
C.T.F.C.: What was your highlight while playing at Coleshill?
P.C.: Scoring Goals against Boldmere when we beat them 3-0. I scored twice before eventually signing for them!
C.T.F.C.: Who did you play with at Coleshill?
P.C.: I was only here for a short period but Malcolm Tealing was a right full back at Coleshill who was a bit of a “Del Boy” and was always making trouble and playing up for the banter .
C.T.F.C.: Who did you go on to play for after leaving Coleshill?
P.C.: I went to Boldmere St Michaels which was about 5 minutes from my house .
C.T.F.C.: What was the highlight of your playing career?
P.C.: Scoring twice against a very strong Kidderminster Reserve team which included my uncle, Kim Casey, at Sutton Town in front of my whole family .It was the only time I ever played against Kim and over shadowed the best striker I have ever seen in football at non league level.
C.T.F.C.: Where did your management career start?
P.C.: I was asked to coach Boldmere Youth Team and was offered the job as manager at the end of the season by Alan Parsons who was first team manager at the time!
C.T.F.C.: How did you come to be Youth team manager at Coleshill, how was that going?
P.C.: Bob Bradley asked me if I would like to run his youth team before I had even met Paul or Ian and I accepted as long as they were happy with me. Last season we were in the top 2 of teams in the Floodlit League with Stourbridge being the only team better than us, in my opinion!
C.T.F.C.: Did you apply for the first team managers job or did Paul ask you to step up?
P.C.: Paul got on his hands and knees and begged me to take the job!!! No seriously, I don’t really know! We were both unhappy with who had came through the door as applicants as there were people with experience of managing teams but not building teams to compete with the best .I said if that’s all you have, give me a chance and Paul said “Yes, why not, our youth team is top draw”. The rest is history!!!
C.T.F.C.: Coleshill were in a relegation place when you took over, did you always believe you could escape relegation?
P.C.: No I did not think we would stay up. I needed counselling with all the matches being cancelled and players being unavailable for one reason or another. I had to build a team in 3 months and then play 12 matches in 8 weeks so it was a very testing time but I am a stronger person for it now!
C.T.F.C.: Has pre-season gone as well as you expected?
P.C.: It has gone well considering the disruption of lads holidays etc .I do believe we have been the best team in the 5 friendlies I’ve seen, and that’s including Stratford Town.
C.T.F.C.: Where do you predict Coleshill will finish in the league this season?
P.C.: Higher than last season!
C.T.F.C.: What do you like about Coleshill Football Club.
P.C.: Everything apart from the pitch but that’s a standing joke and I know the club have spent a fortune trying to get it right to their credit so I hope the weather is kind to the grounds staff and the pitch . Paul and Ian who I deal with a lot just let me get on with my job and don’t interfere !
C.T.F.C.: Of the current squad,
Who's the joker in the pack?
P.C.: Leon Weller ,Luke Edwards and Danny Tymon all think they are comedians at times
C.T.F.C.: Who's the best trainer?
P.C.: John Powis and Baz Fitzharris they can run and run. Forrest Gump comes to mind
C.T.F.C.: Where do you see Coleshill in 10 years?
P.C.: In the southern League pushing for promotion to step 3.
C.T.F.C.:If you had one wish, what would it be (for the club!)
P.C.: G3 pitch and better changing rooms. You can judge a club on 3 things in my opinion, pitch, changing rooms and training facilities (budgets never come in to it as good players won’t play on a ploughed field for any amount of money). Some players would say the size of the bar but I don’t drink and am Tea Total!
C.T.F.C.:If you could have anyone as a guest for dinner who would it be. (dead or alive)
P.C.: Paul Casey. We would talk about me forever and that’s my favourite subject! This has lots of history of when I was a player and I don’t want to disappoint people who know me well enough over many years to say “ how true is that “
C.T.F.C.: Anything else you think the readers might be interested in.
P.C.: My nick name as a player was Legend and I still take stick from lads and managers who I played for , with or even against me .I deserve all the stick I get on this to be honest as you can tell from the above it used to be always about me! Now it’s the complete opposite! As a manager the team always comes first, not the individual within it!

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