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THIS WEEK 2014/15 - No3

Postby Alan Beckett » Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:35 pm

THIS WEEK 2014/15 -25, 50 and 100 YEARS AGO WEEK 3

Saturday 19th August 1989
Scoreline Midland Combination Premier
Bloxwich Town 1 v 1 Coleshill Town
Scorer: Jim Clayton.

P1 W0 D1 PtL0 F1 A1 Pts1 Pos 8/20

Tuesday 22nd August 1989
Coleshill Town 1 v 2 Chelmsley Town
Scorer: Tim Clarke.

P2 W0 D1 L1 F2 A3 Pts1 Pos 12/20

Fixture Saturday 26th August
Coleshill Town v Kings Heath

Saturday 15th August 1964
Last season Coleshill played in the Birmingham Youth & Old Boys League Mercian Division
and finished in 8th place with a record of:

P26 W10 D5 L11 F59 A62 Pts25 Pos8/14

Sherwood Rangers won the league. Coleshill Hall Hospital had moved on to the Worcester Combination but the cream of their players were to join Coleshill in the next few years which brought about a change in fortune.

This season starts Saturday 29th August at Home to Ward End Unity in the Birmingham Youth & Old Boys League, Mercian Division.

Saturday 15th August 1914

Eleven days since War on Germany was announced! Life still goes on in Coleshill. The Coleshill Chronicle is still published every week with local news, adverts, sports reports (cricket and tennis, no mention of football yet) but due to a paper shortage, it is cut to just four pages. Reports from the war are starting to appear and below are clips from the Coleshill Chronicle Archives:

Latest From the Front
Germans Heavily Repulsed

A Reuter's telegram received early on Thursday evening stated that a Belgian victory had been confirmed. The German losses were very heavy. A number of machine guns had been captured from them. Ten thousand men took part in the fight. Over 200 German dead were counted in a space of fifty yards. It is believed that three-fifths of the enemy were put out of action. The Belgian losses were comparatively small. The enemy numbered about 5,000. An immense quantity of booty was seized, and many horses.

Further German Reverses

News was also received that the Germans marching on Namur were challenged by the Belgians at Eghezee and defeated with heavy losses. The Germans abandoned their automobile machine guns. The German advance through Luxemburg on the weakest portion of the French frontier has thus apparently been checked.

The Suffering Austrians
News of Servian successes in Bosnia has been received from Nish. The Austrians have been repulsed with considerable losses in eight engagements. However, Austrian troops are advancing to the northern theatre of war in Russian Poland and Russian troops have crossed the Galician frontier and have occupied the town of Sokal.

THIS WEEK will also be in every home game programme.

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