THIS WEEK _____Years Ago 5.

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THIS WEEK _____Years Ago 5.

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THIS WEEK 16, 25, 50 and 100 Years Ago.


Saturday 3rd September 1994
F.A. Vase Extra Pre-Lim Round
Gedling Town 4 v 2 Coleshill Town

No details or report available.

Record so far

P2 W0 D0 L2 F1 A7 Pts0

Next week home to Wellesbourne.


Monday 2nd September 1985
Midland Combination Premier
Daw Mill Colliery 2 v 0 Coleshill Town

No details or report available.

Saturday 7th September 1985
Midland Combination Premier
Solihull Borough 2 v 1 Coleshill Town

Scorer: Tony Hanson.

Solihull Borough share second spot with Boldmere. The Boro led Coleshill by two goals, one each by Graham Lappage and Mark Bennett but Coleshill had a shock for Solihull when Tony Hanson put them back in the game after 75mins but it was not to be with the Boro taking control after the Coleshill goal.

Record so far

P9 W2 D2 L5 F10 A17 Pts6

Next week away to Walsall Borough.


Coleshill played in the Birmingham Youth and Old Boys League Mercian Division. They had been in the Sutton and District League for over 20 years but decided that the BYOB was a better bet for progression. Town joined the BYOB Senior Suburban Division in 1956, became champions in 1959 and were promoted to the Mercian League, which was the top division of the BYOB, for the 1959/60 season and finished second behind champions Allens Cross. There had been close revalry between Town and Coleshill Hall Hospital and at the end of that sesaon several players left to join the Hall.

Coleshill Town advertised for new players in the Coleshill Chronicle Saturday 30th July 1960 asking them to contact Chairman Mr B. Miller. In the Chronicle on 3rd September 1960 Secretary Bernard Knight said "Coleshill Town are struggling for experienced players. Only Houghton, Reynolds and Bevan re-signed. Neil Bradley would be most missed as he signed for Hall".

Town played on the Memorial Park where they had been since 1900. The pitch was where the cricket field is now and was famous for it's slope. The pitch ran from Parkfield Road down towards where the cricket pavilion is now. There was a small changing building in the top right corner, long since pulled down.

The committee included Chairman Mr B. Miller, Vice Chairman Mr A. Wilson, President Mr Richard Cant, who was also on the Coleshill Charity Cup committee, Treasurer Mr D. Jackson, Assistant Secretary Mr M. Wheeldon. Mr Con Murray was elected manager, he had also held the post of Chairman and secretary in the past.

For the start of the 1960/61 season Coleshill Town, Coleshill Hall and Coleshill British Legion were all in the Mercian League.

Saturday 3rd September 1960
Coleshill Town 1 v 3 Allens Cross

Scorer: Dave Craythorpe

Coleshill Town were beaten but not disgraced by champions Allens Cross. Town stole the lead in the opening minute through outside right Dave Craythorpe. The equaliser came via Richards before the interval. Allens Cross were the better team in the second half and were full value for two further goals. Gilbert, Lockyer, John Bradley, G. Wilson and Rainsford all played well for Town.

Record So far

P1 W0 D0 L1 F1 A3 Pts0


COLESHILL CHRONICLE WROTE Saturday 27th August 1910
Coleshill Town FC open their season today with a practice match in the hope of finding one or two good men. Most of the old players who had such a brilliant season last year will again be seen with us and it is thought that if one or two good men can be found amongst the fresh talent playing this weekend, there is every prospect of getting together a first class team. The Youths and Old Boys Association have been promoted to the first division of the Senior League along with our local rivals Minworth. The season proper opens Saturday 3rd September with a league match against Minworth at Minworth and as the latter are getting a very powerful team together, our locals will have to be at their best to register a win. On the following saturday Minworth visit Coleshill to open our season here, so we are sure of two games of keen and interesting football. One thing in conclusion I must appeal for and that is better support. If we are to run a team that will be a credit to the Town then we need a bigger following than we have hitherto obtained. Let me ask all "sportsmen" - and I know Coleshill abounds with them - to support us well and they may be sure of getting value for money. Anyone wishing to become a member please give their name to one of the committee or to the Honable Secretary W.E. Barber. Fixtures will be out shortly. "FORWARD".

COLESHILL CHRONICLE WROTE Saturday 3rd September 1910
On Saturday last, Coleshill Football Club held a full dress rehearsal on the Wheatsheaf Ground, when some 15 fresh players turned out, with about six of the old hands. To all appearances the Coleshill team are in for a good time and the game gave the Committee a chance of picking up one or two clever Juniors. Perhaps the one who impressed onlookers the most was W.J. Lewis, an inside left who hails from Saltley. He played for Alum Rock last year, when they had a most successful season, winning the League and also the McGregor Cup. He is on the small side, but exceptionally clever and I shall be greatly surprised if he does not turn out a most valuable addition to the Club. C. Shaw, a back who comes from Bearwood also gave a promising display and should be of help, while Boland (outside right), Hawkins (right back), Clarke (right half), Haycock (from Wilnecote Vics), Jones (left back) and Rogers (centre half) all gave one the impression that they had got plenty of football in them. The Committee will have no trouble to put a strong team in the field for their opening game today (Saturday) when they oppose Minworth in a League match at Minworth. The following will probably turn out for the first match:- Goal, F. Watkins, backs: C. Shaw and W. Caswell, half backs: F. Clarke, J.C. Clare (captain), E. Clive. forwards: C. Watkins, E. Sly, W. Wright, Lewis and C. Williams.
On Saturday next, September 10th, Coleshill play their first League match at home, on the Parkfield Road Ground, when Minworth visit Coleshill to play the return League match. It has been decided to enter for the following cups: Birmingham Junior, Coleshill Charity, Wilnecote Charity, Polesworth Charity, Fazeley Charity, and Tamworth Nursing. It is no doubt fresh in the minds of a good many that we are the present holders of two of the above viz Coleshill Charity and Tamworth Nursing and every effort will be made to retain them, while it is hoped others will be garnered in.
The only dark cloud that hangs over the Club is having to start the season in dept. The Committee are grateful to the local tradesmen who have been so patient in waiting for their money and I can assure them that very shortly we hope to clear all the dept off and once more put the Club on a sound financial footing.

N.B. The game mentioned above was played at the "Wheatsheaf Ground" but home games were played at Parkfield Road, now the Memorial Park. Ironically match reports in the Coleshill Chronicle were excellent, well done Forward, as good as anything we get nowadays in the Coleshill Herald and much better than in 1960 where I am struggling to come up with any information. Forward mentions better support and I guess it's something we have to live with as it's never been much good. The people of Coleshill just don't have that community sprit and it looks like they never have.

Saturday 3rd September 1910
Birmingham Youth and Old Boys League Senior Division 1

Minworth 4 v 3 Coleshill Town
Scorers: Sam Wright, W.J. Lewis 2.

Coleshill opened their League campaign last saturday at Minworth, under auspicious conditions. The weather was bright and fine, and the ground in good condition with the exception of a few ridges to contend with, which at times certainly decieved the players. Both teams were fresh to the Senior League and both anxious to give a good show. Minworth put a very strong team in the field. They have been fortunate enough to capture most of the best players from the now extinct Walmley team and with these additions will, I feel certain, have one of their best seasons. Coleshill had on paper a good team, consisting of six old players and five new men. There was a good muster of spectators when the teams faced each other.
Clare won the toss and Coleshill played downhill with a good breeze behind them. From the kick off Minworth got straight away on the right and Caswell, missing his kick, the home brigade registered their first goal in the first minute. This was a sensational opening and for a little time Minworth were a source of great trouble to the "Rabbits" defence., but as time wore on Coleshill had their full share of the play and one shot from the foot of Clive was a splendid effort. Both teams were putting plenty of dash into their work, while the new men on the Coleshill side were giving a splendid display. At length the visitors forwards made a grand attack, Williams centreing finely, but it was cleverly repulsed. Two others followed in quick succession and on one occassion the Minworth custodian saved grandly, whilst on the other Wright headed over. A free kick against Jack Clare put Minworth on the attack and their outside right recieving a beautiful pass, ran well along the right and finished up by scoring with a long shot that went through the corner of the goal. It looked as if Watkins ought to have stopped the shot. Minworth were delighted with their success but despite the efforts of both teams no more scoring took place in this half and at the interval Minworth held the commanding lead of two goals to nil.
Resuming, Coleshill at once made tracks for the home goal and first Wright and then Lewis looked like getting through but were robbed at the last minute. A free kick to Minworth helped them get well down the field but Shaw and Caswell were playing a good game and continually broke up the Minworth forwards. Coleshill once more came along nicely and getting close in Wright scored the first goal of the season for Coleshill. After a few midfield exchanges Coleshill again worked their way up the field and through some good work by the Coleshill halves Lewis was enabled to put the game on even terms with a good cross shot. A nice shot from Charlie Williams deserved a better fate than to just skim the bar. Then Minworth were awarded a free kick some 35 yards from goal. Kelly took it, and with a grand shot put Minworth ahead again. However Coleshill did not allow them to enjoy the lead long, for soon after Lewis again put matters even. It was a most exciting game to watch and considering it was the opening encounter some good football was seen. Close on time Minworth made tracks towards the visitors goal. The ball was slung forward on the right and their outside man, who appeared to some to be offside, recieved it. Caswell followed close at his heels and brought him down when shooting on the penalty line. From the penalty kick Kelly scored the winning goal a minute from time. Result Minworth 4 Coleshill 3.
Coleshill Team: Goal, F. Watkins, backs, C. Shaw and W. Caswell, Half backs, Clarke, J. Clare (captain) and E. Clive, forwards, W. Watkins, E. Sly, Sam Wright, Lewis and C. Williams. Referee Mr J.E. Hall, Olton.
On the play Coleshill undoubtedly showed better football than their opponents and had the goalkeeper been changed it would have been "a stone doddle". The Minworth custodian gave a magnificent display and Kelly at centre forward was brilliant. On the Coleshill side nearly all gave a splendid exhibition. Of the new men Shaw at right back was a capable partner to Caswell and gave one the impression that he will be a good man when he has played a game or two. Clarke at right half gave a bright display and in the two new forwards Lewis and Wright we have two grand men. The goal Wright scored was a beauty. The old players all did capital and the only want is a first class goalkeeper. We have yet Sullivan to come into the forawrd line but unfortunately for Coleshill he started on a month's holiday in Scotland last Thursday, so we shall have to wait a few weeks before we have the pleasure of seeing him on the field. Jack Nichols, I know will always be willing to fill a vacant place when difficulty arises, so taking all things into consideration there is really nothing to get down hearted about.
There will be one or two changes in the Coleshill team against Minworth today (saturday 10th sept) at Coleshill. W. Barker (an old favourite) will keep goal, while Haycock who gave such a creditable display in the practice match, will be given a trial at right half, and so the team will toe the line as follows: Goal, W. Barker, backs, C. Shaw and W. Caswell, half backs, A. Haycock, J.C. Clare (captain) and E. Clive, Forwards E. Sly, C. Watkins, S. Wright, W.J. Lewis, C.R. Williams. Referee Mr J.W. Owens, Saltley.
Season tickets with full list of fixtures are now out.
Match Report by "FORWARD"

N.B. The "Rabbits" mentioned above was Coleshill first nickname given to the players because when refreshments were given to the travelling team it was always rabbit.

Also in the Chronicle Under "Coleshill Jotting" are the following comments by "LOOKER- ON" entitled;
"I Hear"
That Coleshill Football Club lost by the odd goal against Minworth last Saturday.
That Minworth had two smart men at centre forward and goal.
That Lewis and Wright proved their worth.
That Wright's goal was a clever one.
That the Coleshill Football Club offer their sincere congratulations to Mr Sullivan who was married at Newcastle on September 8th.
That Mr Sullivan has been a most efficient forward (outside right) for Coleshill Club.
That he has done his very best for the club and it is only natural that the club should send him their very best wishes.

Next week the return match with Minworth on home soil.

Record So Far

P1 W0 D0 L1 F3 A4 Pts0

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