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THIS WEEK 16, 25, 50, 75 and 100 Years Ago.


Saturday 1st October 1994
Midland Combination Premier
Olton Royale 2 v 2 Coleshill Town

Scorers: John Johnson, Ray Bethan.

The honours were also shared at Wythall where Olton Royale drew 2-2 with Coleshill Town, and the hosts had the on-loan Paul Honeyfield to thank for securing a point when he headed the equaliser on the hour. Coleshill twice lead through John Johnson and Ray Bethan before being pegged back by Olton's Adam Groom and Honeyfield.

Record So Far

P5 W1 D2 L2 F8 A13 Pts5 Pos 16/18

Next week Coleshill away to Alvechurch.


Saturday 5th October 1985
Skol Midland Combination Premier
Polesworth North Warwick 1 v 2 Coleshill Town

Unfortunately No record of scorers or report is available.

Record So Far

P11 W3 D3 L5 F12 A18 Pts9

Next week Coleshill are at Home to Smethwick Highfield.


Saturday 1st October 1960
Birmingham Youth and Old Boys F.A. Mercian League
Coleshill Town v Wilnecote

Unfortunatley no record of the score, scorers or match report is available.

Next week Coleshill are away to Sheldon Town.


Saturday 5th October 1935
Sutton and District Amateur Football League, Butler Cup
Leighswood Prims 2 v 2 Coleshill Town

No details of scorers.

In the 1st round of the Butler Cup, Leighswood Prims did well to force Coleshill Town to a draw of two goals each. There was little to choose between the sides.

Record So Far

P2 W1 D0 L1 F6 A6 Pts 2

Next week Coleshill travel to Stoneware for a league game.


Saturday 1st October 1910
Coleshill Charity Cup
Coleshill Town 2 v 0 Kingsbury Athletic

Scorers: Lewis, Wright.

Coleshill started on their cup ties last Saturday with an interesting fixture against Kingsbury Athletic, who came to Coleshill with an unbeaten record and have been showing wonderfully good form since the season opened. Coleshill were only poorly represented, such well known players being absent as Caswell 0whose leg is progressing splendidly), Nichols, Sullivan and Clare. However, good substitutes were found.
There was a nice muster of spectators when Kingsbury started uphill. It was soon evident that they meant forcing the pace, and the first item of interest was a grand shot by the visitors outside right which Humphries did well to catch and get away. Then Coleshill made a movement on the left and Williams got in a lovely centre, Wright trying the goalkeeper with a beauty. Kingsbury retaliated strongly and forced a corner, but Shaw headed it out, and the homesters got away in a line. Watkins finally centred right across goal and Lewis pouncing upon the ball scored with a magnificent shot. The Kingsbury forwards at times got some good chances, but they always shot wildly and the few shotes that were straight, Humphries saved splendidly. The play continued for a time to be of the "kick and rush" order, then the forwards got going beautifully and after some good passing Wright shot into the net at close quarters, thus registering No2. Kingsbury were exceedingly slack hereabouts, and although for a time they kept Coleshill working, there was no strength in the final attacks. Renewed pressure by the "Rabbits" gave the Kingsbury custodian a chance of showing his ability and he came out of several ordeals with flying colours. Once, from a carefully placed corner by Watkins, the ball was sent in three times in quick succession but on each occasion he saved splendidly. The game continued to be warmly fought and hard knocks were frequent on both sides. Neither side scored again before half time however when the score stood: Coleshill 2 Kingsbury 0.

When the second half commenced the whole Kingsbury team worked like niggers, but the cool methods of Clive and his comrades easily repulsed them and Coleshill were soon testing the defence at the other end, where Williams missed a golden opportunity of increasing the homesters lead. Give and take play was then the order but the game was always interesting, if only to watch the whole heartedness with which the "Village" lads threw themselves into the fight. They left nothing lacking in the way of vigour, bit it sadly wanted tempering with judgement. Both teams attacked in turn: first Kingsbury would have a go at goal and then Coleshill would work themselves into a beautifull position only for several easy openings to go begging. When the end came Coleshill had won fairly easily by two goals to nil.
Coleshill Team: Goal: Humphries: Backs: Shaw and Pointer: Half Backs: Clarke, Clive (captain) and Lilley: Forwards: Wilson, Watkins, Wright, Lewis and Williams.
Referee: Mr W. Richardson of Fazeley.
The Kingsbury forwards started in a very promising manner and swung the ball about in a business-like way. Then a change came over the game, Coleshill pulled themselves together and in a very short time Lewis and Wright had put Coleshill in a commanding position. They were both capital goals.
Although the "Rabbits" were not at full strength, it was pleasing to see fresh men give such a good display. Poynter at the back gave a very fair exhibition considering it was his first outing this season. Henry Lilley at half was especially good, and gave one the impression that there is plenty of football in him yet. Jack Wilson at outside right got on capitally with Watkins and the two made a good wing. Of the old brigade all were "there when wanted". Humphries has quite satified the critics that he can keep goal, while Shaw treated us to his best display this season: his head work was grand. Clive and Clarke were also in a happy mood, and the forwards, with the exception of a little erratic shooting, gave a bright show. Lewis's foot work was delightful.
The "Village" lads, a title which they seem proud to own, were a very hard, bustling side, just the team to throw a more scientific side off their game. They go at it "for life or death", but sadly lack method. However, I am convinced they will improve as the season advances.
Today Coleshill journey to Glascote, to meet Bonehill and Glascote Working Mens Club in the first round of the Birmingham Junior Cup. We shall be better represented on this occasion, as Jack Clare and Caswell will be in the team.

That football is a game of the feet it is said.
That a good many footballers play with their head.
That all ought to do so.
That this is a paradox and not a paradox.
That heading the ball is often clever.
That "footing" it through the guidance of the head is cleverer.
That to be played successfully football must be played by the head and the feet.
That players who "lose their head" are often ineffective with their feet.
That this was well illistrated in the match between Coleshill and Kingsbury last saturday.
That the smallness of the winning score, 2-0, proved equallity in the teams.
That but for wild shooting of Kingsbury a different result might have been seen.
That it was in this ense that Kingsbury lost its head and could not govern its feet.
That it is a good rule in football and in all else to make haste slowly if you can.
That the victors had their work cut out never the less.
That the Kingsbury custodian was a good man.
That he used his head (in both senses) with goog effect.
That the head work (in both senses) of Shaw for Coleshill was excellent.
That Sullivan is a certain starter on Saturday next.

Record So Far

P4 W3 D0 L1 F24 A8 Pts6

Next week Coleshill are in the fisrt round of the Birmingham Junior Cup away to Glascote Working Mens Club.

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