WE MEET AGAIN - Nuneaton Town

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WE MEET AGAIN - Nuneaton Town

Postby Alan Beckett » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:44 pm

WE MEET AGAIN - Nuneaton Town

The Town's of Coleshill and Nuneaton, both in North Warwickshire, are less than 15 miles apart, but in football terms are worlds apart. Nuneaton have always been at the top end of non-league football with Coleshill spending most of their time in the junior leagues. Coleshill are now at the highest level in their 116 year history, whereas Nuneaton are working their way back to the Conference following their two league demotion due to administration. The population of Nuneaton, 120 thousand approx, dwarfs the estimated 7 thousand of Coleshill. If Nuneaton is a Town then Coleshill is a Village in comparison.

So it comes as no surprise that the two sides have rarely met, but, if my records are correct, it has come as a shock to realise the last time the sides met was 1895, 115 years ago!

My research has come via a third party and is taken from a Nuneaton newspaper and I haven't verified the details through Coleshill papers but this is what I've got!

September 21st 1895 Nuneaton Town 1 Coleshill Town 2.

Afterwards, from Coleshill, came the following.
"After the match was over, after the game was done, The Nuneatonites are weeping, knowing their chance has gone, Many a sigh the're heaving, but as this is their first fall, They'll have better luck as they follow, after the ball."

Sung to "After the ball was over."

One week later:
September 28th 1895 Nuneaton Town 4 Coleshill Town 2.

Billy Mason scored all four for Nuneaton. Both games were played at Arbury Road, Nuneaton. The paper contained the Nuneaton team but at the moment there is no record of the Coleshill team or scorers.

So, Coleshill are not only taking on a team three levels above them, but over 100 years of history, and the prize for the winner is £4500 but more important, a place in the 4th Qualifiying Round of the FA Cup, and with a bit more luck in the draw, the chance to take on a League team in the 1st Round proper.

Good Luck Coleshill!

BBC Radio WM commentator Paul (Franksy) Franks will be at the game saturday giving live updates!
N.B As it turned out Radio WM didn't turn up! The match was covered by Radio Coventry & Warwickshire. Probably the right call as both sides are in Warwickshire and it's looks like C&W pulled rank but I would suggest that most of Coleshill's players and supporters are more likely to listen to WM, me included. Shame!

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