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THIS WEEK - 16, 25, 50, 75 and 100 Years Ago


Tuesday 25th October 1994
Birmingham Senior Cup 1st Round
Willenhall Town 2 v 0 Coleshill Town

Saturday 29th October 1994
Midland Combination Premier
Coleshill Town 3 v 2 Handrahan Timbers

No details available at this time.

Record So Far
P9 W2 D2 L5 F12 A24 Pts 8 Pos 16/18

Next week Coleshill have a free week, not sure why, maybe bad weather, but the next week they are at Home to Bloxwich Town in the league.


Saturday 2nd November 1985
Skol Midland Combination Premier
Coleshill Town 1 v 4 West Midlands Police

No details available at this time.

Record So Far
P14 W4 D4 L6 F14 A22 Pts12 Pos12/20

Next week Coleshill are at Away to Wednesfield Social in the Walsall Senior Cup.


Saturday 29th October 1960
Birmingham Youth & Old Boys FA. Mercian League
Coleshill Town 1 v 0 Sheldon Town

Scorer: Reynolds.

The Town's defence, in which Bevan Wilson Houghton and Cooper played an outstanding part, took the honours. Reynolds scored the match winning goal after 75 mins. Cooper having his second game for Town played well.

Record So Far
P7 W4 D0 L3 Not confirmed
Results are vague but Coleshill definately lost three of the first five league games but have picked up and I think have won four.

Next week Coleshill are at Home to Paget Rangers in the Birmingham Youth and Old Boys League.


Saturday 2nd November 1935
Birmingham Junior Cup
Hams Hall 3 v 2 Coleshill Town

No details of scorers available.

Hams Hall and Coleshill Town had a rare struggle which ended in favour of Hams Hall by three goals to two.

Record So Far
P4 W3 D0 L1 F21 A12 Pts6 Pos 3/11

Next week Coleshill are back in league action on 9th November as they entertain Hurley F.C.


Saturday 29th October 1910
Wilnecote Cup 1st Round.
Atherstone Amatuers 2 v 8 Coleshill Town

Scorers: Wright 3, Lewis 2, Watkins, Sullivan, Clarke.

These teams met at Atherstone on Saturday last, to see which should have the honour of figuring in the second round of the Wilnecaote Cup. It was just twelve months ago when they beat Coleshill 1-0 in the Coleshill Charity Cup. The Amatuers had got a very strong team together on this occasion, in fact, they admitted it was the best thay had put on this season. Coleshill were also at full strength.
Atherstone started towards the entrance goal and opened in a promising manner. Then Coleshill got possession and getting in at close quarters Lewis tricked two or three opponents and shot into the net. Atherstone tried hard to equalise, their outside right sending in a grand shot, but Humphries brought a magnificent save and away went the "Rabbits" to the other end. Sullivan sending right across the goal, Wright scored N02 and shortly after the same player scored again with a rasping shot. Up to now Coleshill had certainly had practically all the play, but these reverses acted like a tonic on the "Hatters" and they gave Coleshill a warm time, at last being rewarded with a capital goal. This seemed to make them eager for more and soon after this their outside left gathered the ball, got well along the left, and sent in a beautiful centre from which the homesters scored their second goal. Close on half time Wright recieved the ball some 30 yards from goal and making an individual effort shot into the corner of the net. Unfortunatley the whistle blew for half time almost as the ball was flying into the goal. It seemed hard that Sargent Harrison could not have strained the time for a fraction of a second and even Atherstone sympathised with us.
On re-starting the homesters got well away, but the Coleshill defence were playing a good game and their worrying tactics and splendid judgement were too much for the Atherstone forwards. Then Coleshill started a series of sorties towards the Atherstone goal, and on almost every occasion a goal was the result. Wright helped himself to the first so as to make him sure of the "hat trisk", then Watkins scored one, Sullivan shot his first goal of the season, this made Clarke think it was time he kicked one, so he did, and Lewis put on N08. The homesters had shot their bolt and Coleshill did as they liked. It was a relief to all when the whistle blew and Coleshill had won by 8 goals to 2.
Coleshill Team: Goal: Humphries, Backs: Shaw and Caswell, Half Backs: Clarke, Clare (captain) and Clive, Forwards: Sullivan, Wright, Lewis, Williams and Watkins.
Referee Sargent Harrison.

Coleshill Jottings
Coleshill Football Club continue to go on their way rejoicing. It was Atherstone Amatuers who discovered the mettle of the local team last saturday.

That the Coleshill F.C. fairly had their revenge on the "Hatters" on saturday last.
That the score certainly does not represent the game.
That the passing of the Coleshill forwards for the first half hour was delightful to watch.
That in the second half it was every one for himself.
That it was hard lines for Coleshill F.C. that the arrival of half time on Saturday spoilt a goal.
That half time must come some time, however.
That when it does come the referee must notify it "in the usual way" if he be an honest referee, whate'er befall.
That Therstone's sympathy in the circumstances might have become chagrin if the whistle had been delayed while the ball found the net.
That Coleshill will not mind in the long run, although there was momentary vexation.
That they are too good sportsmen to whimper when the fortune of war is against them.
That the referee had no axe to grind.
That no doubt, it was sufficient for him to watch his watch.
That after all, Coleshill could very well spare the goal.
That the meeting of the "Rabbits" and the "Hatters" recalled the Rev. Lewis Carroll.
That today, Saturday, Coleshill go to Glascote to play Albion of that village, in the second round of the Birmingham Junior Cup.
That Saturday next Dosthill visit Coleshill in the Fazeley Cup.
That the "Rabbits" goal record now stands at 52 goals against 13.
That this is by no means a record for the Club.
That in 1894 the Club for the first four months of the season were unbeaten and had the magnificent record of 86 goals to 14.
That the cup-tie goal average up to January of the same year stood at 52 goals against 2.
That the dinner of the Coleshill Club was a very pleasant function.
That the reminiscent character of some of the speeches added a deeper interest to the proceedings.
That the Club has had its "ups" and "downs".
That it would seem that the present is a season of "ups".

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