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THIS WEEK - 16, 25, 50, 75 and 100 Years Ago


Saturday 14th January 1995
Midland Combination Premier
Northfield Town 2 v 1 Coleshill Town

Scorer: Jimmy Stafford(pen).

Hard work on the training field paid off for Northfield Town as they beat Coleshill Town 2-1. They took the lead after 20mins when Chris Woodus latched onto a through ball cleverly chipped over the Coleshill defence. But 15mins later Coleshill were back on level terms when Johnson was toppled in the area and Jimmy Stafford slotted home the penalty. Northfield's winner, 10mins into the second half, came from a well rehearsed corner, Ian Martin flicking on at the near post for Tommy Breen to head into the empty net. The win moves Northfield well clear of the chasing pack at the head of the table.

League Record So Far
P19 W6 D4 L9 F31 A38 Pts22 Pos 10/18

Next week Coleshill are Away to Meir KA in the league.


Saturday 18th January 1986
Skol Midland Combination Premier
Coleshill Town 0 v 0 Polesworth NW

No reports.

League Record So Far
P23 W6 D10 L7 F27 A34 Pts22 Pos12/20

Next week Coleshill are away to Racing Club Warwick.


Saturday 14th January 1961
Birmingham Youth & Old Boys Mercian League
Coleshill v Bromsgrove Brookfield

Result unknown

League Record So Far
P16 W5 D2 L9 F31 A49 Pts12 Pos 9/16 Confirmed by league table in the Sports Argus but 7 results missing altogether.
Results are vague with very little info from Chronicle or Argus.

Next week Coleshill are away to Coleshill British Legion in the Aston Villa Shield.


Saturday 18th January 1936
Sutton and District Amatuer Football League Division 1
Coleshill Town v Leighswood Prims.

Match Postponed.

League Record So Far
P10 W7 D0 L2 F34 A18 Pts18 Pos 3/11 One result missing plus goals from 1st Hall game.

Next week Coleshill are away to Walsall Co-Op in the league.

Coleshill Charity Cup Draw Semi Finals
Hams Hall or Coleshill Rovers v Coleshill Town (Hams Hall beat Coleshill Rovers)
Baddesley Old Boys v Polesworth Institute (Baddesley won 11-2)


Saturday 14th January 1911
Coleshill Charity Cup 3rd Round
Coleshill Town 2 v 2 Kettlebrook Oakfield

Scorers: Wright, Nichols.

This game was played at Coleshill on Saturday last. Both teams entered in the contest with considerable hope of success. Clive was still incapacitated by his illness. The weather was splendid considering the time of year.
Kettlebrook, winning the toss, decided to play up hill in the opening half. The start was sensational. Both sides came very near scoring, Coleshill on several occasions. In fact the home team fairly bombarded the visitors citadel and did everything but score. Kettlebrook responded with spirit and at length the ball was swung into the centre and Caswell missing his kick, one of the visitors pounced on the ball and shot into the net, and so scored the first goal of the match. Subsequent play was brimful of interest. Coleshill continued to have the best of the play, but could not penetrate the visitors last line of defence. Just before the interval however, they nearly equalised but the ball was cleared and half time arrived Kettlebrook 1, Coleshill 0.
On resuming Kettlebrook were the first to get going, but Coleshill held their own in a surprising manner. Watkins recieved the ball and drawing the men to him, put out beautifully to Nichols, for the latter to run up the wing and get in a marvellous centre, which went to the foot of Wright who shot into the corner of the net amidst great cheers from the spectators. Shortly afterwards Coffee broke away on the left, and touching to one of his comrades, the latter shor through, and so put Kettlebrook ahead again: and then, a few minutes from the end Jack Clare broke up what looked like an ugly rush and coming well up the field sent out to the right. Nichols gathered the ball and racing within a few yards of the post, crashed the ball into the net like lightning, and so put the scores level again. This was the signal for tremendous cheers (which were heard at Forge Mills 11/2 miles away). The last few remaining minutes passed without anything of importance occuring and when the whistle blew one of the best games witnessed on the ground this year ended: Coleshill 2, Kettlebrook Oakfield 2.
Coleshill Team: Goal: Humphries, Backs: Whorton and Caswell, Half Backs: Clarke, Clare (Captain) and Green, Forwards: Nichols, Watkins, Wright, Lewis and Williams. Referee Mr W.J. Keagh of Birmingham.
The game was full of excitement from start to finish. To criticise the local team, their only failing was not being able to accept good openings when they appeared, and the ground no doubt had something to do with this, for in places it was treacherous. Of Kettlebrook I may say they are a splendid team, but have several weak places which need strengthening. They play the open game beautifully and are always dangerous when near goal.
Today Coleshill play Birmingham Corporation Trams at Coleshill in a League game and a good match is expected.

That the match Coleshill v Kettlebrook in the Coleshill Charity Cup produced a most exciting game.
That Coleshill were undoubtedly the better team.
That their midfield work can be highly spoken of.
That they failed to grasp several easy chances of scoring.
That Jack Clare led his men in brilliant style.
That Kettlebrook are a smart lot and play a beautiful open game.
That the Coleshill team had to change their colours to avoid clashing with their opponents.
That the Coleshill Amateurs lent their jerseys for the occassion.
That these jerseys have not yet tasted defeat.
That Coleshill would do well to take them to Kettlebrook for the replay.
That today Coleshill receive a visit from the Birmingham Corporation Trams in a league match.

League Record So Far
P8 W4 D0 L4 F30 A17 Pts8.

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