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THIS WEEK - 16, 25, 50, 75 and 100 Years Ago


Saturday 18th February 1995
Skol Midland Combination Premier Division
Handrahan Timbers 3 v 0 Coleshill Town

Goals from Paul Baker, Glen Johnson and Vinnie Worley in the final 20mins gave Handrahan Timbers maximum points in a hard fought tussle against Coleshill Town.

League Record So Far
P22 W6 D4 L12 F34 A48 Pts22 Pos 11/18

Next week Coleshill are at Home to Highgate United in a league match.


Saturday 16th February 1986
Skol Midland Combination Premier

No Game.

League Record So Far
P25 W7 D11 L7 F32 A37 Pts25 Pos10/20

There must have been some bad weather about as Coleshill didn't play again until 1st March at Home to Solihull Borough in the league.


Saturday 18th February 1961
Aston Villa Shield
Coleshill Town v Olton

No details available.

League Record So Far
P18 W5 D2 L10 F33 A55 Pts12 Pos 9/16 Confirmed by league table in the Sports Argus up to P17 but 8 results missing altogether.
Results are vague with very little info from Chronicle or Argus.

Next week Coleshill are back in league action away to Allens Cross.

Semi Finals played today.
Coleshill Hall 2 v 1 Aldridge Athletic
Shustoke Sports 0 v 4 Reliant
Final to be played at Coleshill on Bank Holiday Monday.


Saturday 22nd February 1936
Coleshill didn't appear to have a game this week.

Coleshill were drawn away to Stoneware in the 1st Round of the Sutton Dispensary Cup.

League Record So Far
P12 W8 D0 L2 F37 A20 Pts20 Pos 3/11 Two results missing plus goals from 1st Hall game.

Next week Coleshill are due to play Leighswood Prims away in a league game.


Saturday 18th February 1911
Wilnecote Cup Semi Final
Kingsbury Colliery 2 v 1 Coleshill Town

Scorer: Nichols.

Coleshill met Kingsbury Colliery at Wilnecote on saturday to see which should qualify for the final tie. When these teams met early in the season on a snow covered ground Colliery literally carried all before them. Kingsbury put their strongest eleven on the field, but Coleshill made no fewer than six changes and lined up as follows:
Coleshill Team: Humphries, Whorton, Lilley, Clarke, Clare (capt), Freeman, Sullivan, Wilson, Nichols, Watkins and Goering.
Referee: Corporal Webb of Lichfield.
There was a rough cross wind and Clare naming the coin, the Colliery started the ball rolling towards the entrance goal. The first item of importance was a combined movement by the Coleshill forwards and Sullivan receiving nicely on the run made a lot of ground and finished up with a magnificent shot which crashed against the side of the net. Kingsbury then forced a corner at the other end and only after a rare tussle did Whorton clear. Throws in were numerous owing to the cross wind. Ireland set his comrades on the move and when Mathews got through things looked dangerous but Humphries saved the shot grandly. From a free kick Coleshill got well in the Colliery half and Clare sending the ball across. Goering centred beautifully to Nichols who shot into the net amidst great applause. A few minutes later Coleshill should have increased their lead, Wilson just missed when well placed. The game continued to be of a very even character and there was very little so far to choose between the teams. At half time the score was: Kingsbury 0 Coleshill 1.
Resuming, the Colliery went off with a rush and gave Coleshill defence an anxious time. Freeman having set Watkins going, he passed to Goering and the latter ran round Wright and hit the side of the net with a lightning shot. This half developed into a high and long kick game. Coleshill was pressing when Williams kicked away and Gould securing sent in a long dropping shot. It appeared to be going yards outside, but when it dropped a few yards from goal the strong wind deviated its course in a remarkable manner and into the net it went. Coleshill tried desperately to get the lead again and Sullivan sent in grand low shots which Williams handled splendidly. Play was transferred to midfield and a splendid long shot was sent in through the corner of the goal which gave Kingsbury the lead. This sealed the fate of Coleshill and when the whistle blew for time Kingsbury had won a hard game by 2 goals to 1.
I think a draw would have represented the play better. It was a fast game, but not very scientific. The strong cross wind no doubt had an adverse effect upon the intentions of the players and consequently the game developed into a high and long kicking match, neither side showing any particular control of the ball. The Coleshill Committee are to be congratulated on the radical changes made and I am sure they were justified. There was a vast improvement all round. The Kingsbury team were a strong, heavy lot, and their defence was magnificent. The methods they adopted, especially with the cross wind blowing, were very effective. Today Coleshill play Yardley away.

League Record So Far
P9 W5 D0 L4 F33 A17 Pts10.

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