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The Coleshill Town History web site is back up and running after a summer when I contemplated giving it all up.

I set this web site up in 2002 and started doing match reports, team news and fixtures. I found it necessary to look for old results in order to get some background on up and coming games and so my interest in the history of CTFC began. I now have more programmes, photo's, reports, facts, figures and data than anyone and am slowly trying to assemble it in some kind of order that will be there for everyone to read for years to come.

But there has been two major occurences that have dented my enthusiasm. Firstly, I am no longer allowed to go to Pack Meadow to watch home games! And secondly the rumour over the summer was that the club would change it's name to include Dosthill.

Not going to home games is a problem trying to do match reports but results are easy to come by so doesn't effect my archives but if after 125 years of being Coleshill Town would it be worth carrying on if the name changed!

At the start of the 2011/12 season the club is still named "Coleshill Town Football Club" so I will continue to research the history all be it with a little less passion.

I will still do match reports when I attend away games and get reports from the press when I’m not there but for match to match details the best place to go is the new “official” web site http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/coleshilltown.

I will concentrate on the archives and once I find a format that sums up a season I will be able to quickly use that again and again for each season, all 126 of them.

This is my web site! The data has been gathered by myself with hours and hours of research. The site is independent of the football club and the views/reports are my opinions at the time of writing and not those of anyone involved with Coleshill Town Football Club.

Anyone is welcome to use the content as long as it is made clear as to where the information came from.

Alan Beckett.

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