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We Meet Again - Bromsgrove Sporting

Postby Alan Beckett » Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:08 pm

WE MEET AGAIN – Bromsgrove Sporting

Bromsgrove Sporting are a new club, formed 2009, who have risen from the ashes of Bromsgrove Rovers, so we have never met them before but more interestingly, even though Rovers were established in 1885, we never met them either. Back in 1962 we did play a team called Bromsgrove Brookfield and although I’m pretty sure this team wasn’t connected to the one we are playing today, non the less I am basing this week’s “We Meet Again” on that.
Sporting are in the Midland Football League Division 1, one level below Coleshill and have a league record of: P5 W3 D0 L2 F9 A8 Pts9 Pos8/20 but they do attract a good following. In the previous round of the FA Cup, they beat Bewdley Town in front of a crowd of 328.

Saturday 6th October 1962
Birmingham Youth & Old Boys AFA – Senior Cup
Bromsgrove Brookfield 2 v 7 Coleshill Town
Scorers: Colin Radburn 3, Harry Stokes 2, Colin Reynolds, Houghton.
Coleshill Chronicle Wrote:
Coleshill took a 2-0 lead after only 10 minutes both goals coming from centre forward harry Stokes. In the second half further Coleshill goals came from Reynolds, Houghton and Colin Radburn 3. Radburn has scored 14 goals so far this season.
Team: Gary Cooper, Statham, Pete Meechan, Curtis, Pugh, McDonald, John Moore, Colin Radburn, Harry Stokes, Colin Reynolds, Arthur Mullard, Ron Houghton, Jimmy Hillis.
We played Bromsgrove Brookfield four times that season, two league games, the Cup match above and the Aston Villa Shield. I haven’t got the results of the other three games.

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