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THIS WEEK 2014/15 - No9

Postby Alan Beckett » Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:10 am

THIS WEEK 2014/15 -25, 50 and 100 YEARS AGO WEEK 9

Saturday 30th September 1989
Scoreline Midland Combination Premier
Walsall Wood 1 v 2 Coleshill Town
Scorer: Jim Clayton 2.

The home side got off to an ideal start in the fifth minute with Andy Ratcliffe stabbing the ball home after intercepting a casually struck Steve Williams back pass. Two minutes before the interval Coleshill equalised when a low Rory Cash cross was hammered home by Jim Clayton. In the 53rd minute the visitors had the chance to take the lead from the penalty spot when keeper Kevin Griffiths brought down Cash but redeemed himself by flinging himself to his right to palm away Cash's spot kick. The game seemed to be heading with a draw until Cash and Clayton combined yet again for the latter to head home the late winner.

P9 W5 D2 L2 F15 A11 Pts17 Pos 4/20

Fixture Saturday 7th October
Princes End v Coleshill Town

Saturday 26th September 1964
Birmingham Youth & Old Boys League Mercian Division
Coleshill Town 0 v 1 Hill Rovers

Town’s penciller (secretary) Bernard Knight is still waiting to put on a winning smile as Coleshill slipped to defeat again. Town’s tale of woe entered another page when defeat was marked against them by Hill Rovers and to add salt to the wound, the only goal was scored by one of their defenders.

P5 W0 D0 L5 F2 A8 Pts0

Fixture Saturday 3rd October.
Coleshill Town

Saturday 26th September 1914

Coleshill were hoping to join the Birmingham League for the first time this season, but this new league was abandoned due to the war. Coleshill were however hoping to field a team in the Birmingham Youth & Old Boys League, Suburban Division in which they played last year!

Allies Still Moving Northward
Continuous Fighting

The progress of the fight on the Aisne is slow but continuous, and the battle may well last for some days yet before a decision is reached, since it now approximates to siege warfare. Due to the strength of the German position, attacks advance only from 600 to 1,000 yards per day. Important and substantial progress however came with the occupation of Peronne, a town some twenty five miles to the north of Noyon, where the German retreat from the Marne was first arrested. The Allies have also advanced slightly to the north-west of Berry Au Bac, so that they are now approximately half way between Reims and Laon. Information indicates that losses amongst German officers have been especially severe but they have sought to cheer their troops by telling them “they will be home for Christmas.”

Stirring Speech By Mr Lloyd George

At the Queen’s Hall, London on Saturday, Mr Lloyd George addressed a meeting in furtherance of the recruiting campaign. Mr Lloyd George got a tremendous reception. He was very scathing in his criticism of the policy and action of Germany which led up to the war and set it in motion. A treaty to Prussia was just “a scrap of paper.” The whole house burst into laughter when Mr George asked “Have you any £5 notes about you; or any of those neat little Treasury £1 notes?”. But the mood changed when he went on to exclaim: “If you have, burn them, they are only scraps of paper!”. And there were fierce cheers in response to his telling questions and answers: “What are they made of? – Rags! What are they worth?”

THIS WEEK will also be in every home game programme.

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