The Half Way Stage - 21 games Played

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The Half Way Stage - 21 games Played

Postby Alan Beckett » Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:44 pm

THE HALF WAY STAGE – 21 games played!

Coleshill Town have now reached the half way stage of the 2014/15 season and I thought it would be interesting to compare how we are doing this season compared with last season’s record breaking 4th place finish.

2014/15 W12 D3 L6 F54 A25 Pts39 Pos6th
2013/14 W10 D7 L4 F46 A22 Pts37 Pos5th

Not much difference! Won 2 more games, scored 9 more goals but lost 2 more games and conceded 3 more goals. But most important two more points than at the same stage last season! There is no doubt this year’s group is a much better squad with more individual players who can win a game with a touch of class but last season results were ground out as a team unit and that, at times, has been missing this campaign. Coleshill are sitting comfortably in 6th place with games in hand on some of the teams above them and a consecutive 4th placed finish isn’t beyond them! Or even better!

*Interesting to note that Highgate United were top of the league at the half way point losing just two games but eventual champions Tividale were in second place without losing a game and seven games in hand. Quorn in 3rd place and Boldmere in 4th.

I also thought it would be interesting to compare where we are now with the other five seasons we have been in the Midland Alliance (MFL). 2012/13 was a bad year in which we only just avoided relegation but the other four years are very similar with 28, 27, 27 and 26 points gathered at the half way mark.

2012/13 W4 D3 L14 F23 A44 Pts15
2011/12 W8 D4 L9 F35 A34 Pts28
2010/11 W7 D6 L8 F32 A31 Pts27
2009/10 W7 D6 L8 F35 A29 Pts27
2008/09 W6 D8 L7 F35 A35 Pts26

And finally, how far off a championship winning side are we? In 2007/08 we won the Midland
Combination and at the half way stage had accumulated 45 points, just six more than the current
total. But current League Leaders Long Eaton United had 49 points after their 21st game and look
well placed to go on to win the title unless they have a disastrous second half of the season.

2007/08 W14 D3 L4 F56 A26 Pts45 Mid Com Championship winning season.

The Opposition Player Of The Match, league games only, after 21 games.

Danny Douglas 3
Dean Rathbone 3
Shane Benjamin 2
Chris Jay 2
Chris Lloyd 2
Danny Tymon 2
Matt Brown 1
Luke Edwards 1
Jack Hulin 1
Jonathan Jones 1
Ryan Nash 1
Mitchell Piggon 1
Tom Weale 1

And finally goalscorers at the half way stage, League goals only.

Shane Benjamin 19 - 4 penalties
Simeon Cobourne 7
Chris Lloyd 5
Dean Rathbone 5
Matt Brown 4
Danny Douglas 4
Danny Tymon 2
Jon Jones 2
Tom Weale 2
Luke Edwards 1
Matt Gasper 1
Daryl Jones 1
Mitch Piggon 1

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