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THIS WEEK 2014/15 - No10

Postby Alan Beckett » Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:25 am

THIS WEEK 2014/15 -25, 50 and 100 YEARS AGO WEEK 10

Saturday 7th October 1989
Scoreline Midland Combination Premier
Princes End 1 v 1 Coleshill Town
Scorer: Steve Rhodes.

A brilliant free kick by Rhodes gave Coleshill a lead they hardly deserved on the stroke of half time. The second belonged to Princes End but the only reward was in the 69th minute when Ralley headed a great goal from a cross by Piggott.

P10 W5 D3 L2 F16 A12 Pts18 Pos 8/20

Fixture Saturday 14th October.
Evesham United v Coleshill Town

Saturday 3rd October 1964
Birmingham Youth & Old Boys League Mercian Division
Coleshill Town

To be updated!

P4 W0 D0 L4 F2 A7 Pts0

Fixture Saturday 10th October
Coleshill Town

Saturday 3rd October 1914

Coventry City were still playing football as they were away to Barry! The cricket season drew to a close and top of both the Bowling and Batting averages was J.A. Nichols. This lad was a true all-rounder as he had been playing for the football team for a few seasons and at one time was captain.

How War Came To Downing Street
Waiting For The Ultimatum

The day is the fourth of August, the place is a room in the house of the British prime minister in Downing Street, and three leading members of the Cabinet late at night are waiting for the reply from Berlin to the ultimatum they sent at noon. The time for the reply expires at midnight. Midnight by mid European time is eleven by the time in London. It is approaching eleven o’clock. The four ministers represent the four strongest pacifists of the Liberal Government, and Liberal Government’s in England have for nearly twenty years been committed tacitly if not absolutely to the doctrine that, save for the highest of all human motives (the motive of humanity), the sword shall not be drawn. In spite of Germany’s proposal that the independence of Belgium shall be sold to it at the purchase price of a degrading peace for England the Ministers cannot even yet allow themselves to believe that Germany will go to war. As a fact, the reply of Germany to the British ultimatum had been handed to the British ambassador in Berlin nearly four hours ago, but owing to the dislocation of telegraphic communication with the Continent the message has not yet reached London.
As the clock ticks out the minutes the tension becomes terrible. Talk slackens: there are long pauses. The whole burden of the frightful issues involved for Great Britain, for Europe, for the World, for civilisation, for religion itself, seems to gather itself up into these last few moments. The Ministers are waiting for the bell of the telephone to ring. It does not ring, and all the fingers of the clock are moving. The four men sit in silence for some minutes, rigid, petrified, looking fixedly at floor or ceiling.
Then comes through the awful stillness of the room and the park outside, the deep boom of Big Ben, the great clock of St Stephen’s. Boom! Boom! Boom! No one moves until the last of the eleven strokes has gone, reverberating through the night. Then silence: then a sensible pause: and then a thick, husky voice, heavy with emotion and yet firm with resolve, “It’s War!”

THIS WEEK will also be in every home game programme

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