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Walsall Wood made it into the Midland Combination Premier Division before Coleshill but after finishing bottom two years running they were relegated in the same year as Town got promoted, 1975. It was another couple of years before the two were in the same division, from 1978/79. They then did battle every year until 1992 when Wood moved to the Staffordshire Senior League. During that time Walsall Wood merged with Walsall Sportsco to become Walsall Borough. The name changed back again in time for the two to come together again for the 2006/07 and 2007/08 seasons, again in the Mid Com Prem and then again in the Alliance/MFL for two seasons!

The last time the two sides met was in the Midland Football League, League Cup Final at the Bescot Stadium. Both sides were after a "double" trophy haul with Town lifting the Premier League Runners Up Cup and Walsall crowned champions of Division One. For Coleshill it was game 58 of a very long and hard season and was one game too far as they disappointedly lost the Final 2-1.

Interestingly the two sides have only ever met in a Cup competition twice with Wood winning them both 2-1.

Midland Alliance/MFL
2017/18 League Cup Final 1-2 Joe Smith.
2016/17 Home 5-2 Gio Dainty 2, Dean Rathbone, Reece Leek, Mykel Beckley. Away 2-1 Luke Barlone, Reece Leek.
2015/16 Home 1-0 Luke Chapman. Away 2-3 Gio Dainty, Reece Leek.
League Cup Away 1-2 Luke Edwards.
2014/15 Home 2-1 Craig Milligan, Ricky Cutting. Away 2-1 Shane Benjamin, Chris Lloyd.
2013/14 Home 0-0 Away 1-0 Matt Brown

Midland Combination
2007/08 Home 0-1 Away 3-1 Matty Robinson 2, Neil Kitching.
2006/07 Home 3-1 David Brush, Michael Campbell, Shay Morgan. Away 3-0 Danny Carter 2, David Brush.
1991/92 Home 0-0 Away 2-0 Unknown.
1990/91 Home 1-1 Malcolm Teeling. Away 2-1 John Taylor 2.
1989/90 Home 3-3 Birch, Cash, Williams. Away 2-1 Clayton 2.
1988/89 Home 1-2 Cotton. Away 2-1 Brady, Cash.
1987/88 Home 2-0 Christopher, Taylor. Away 2-0 OG Christopher pen.
1986/87 Home Unknown. Away Unknown.
1985/86 Home 2-0 Unknown. Away 0-0
1984/85 Home 0-1 Away 0-2.
1983/84 Home 3-2 Duddy, Ashman, Dyer. Away 2-0 Unknown.
1982/83 Home 0-1 Away Unknown
1981/82 Home Unknown Away Unknown.
1980/81 Home Unknown Away Unknown.
1979/80 Home Unknown Away Unknown.
1978/79 Home Unknown Away Unknown.

P41 W18 D5 L7 F48 A26 – 11 unknown results.
Cup W0 D0 L2 F2 A4
Total P43 W18 D5 L9 F50 A30

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